All our efforts are focused on keeping you safe
Despite the active campaign against COVID-19, the epidemic still remains dangerous for humans. The safety of our customers and employees is important to us. We are constantly improving our quality of service and strive to continue to offer safe service to our customers. WE are truly grateful for your patience at such a difficult time.

Due to the fact that in the State of New York, only those companies that are classified as "essential" can provide services. Spaceship Moving in this group and is ready to offer its services to anyone.

Our employees, including the drivers and movers, who do not leave their jobs and carry out their duties properly, deserve a special gratitude and appreciation.

We continue to work, but we remain vigilant and take every precaution to keep our customers and employees safe. We take measures to reduce the cases of unnecessary direct human contact and therefore those of our professionals who can do the work from home are sent to work remotely. Thanks to the modern equipment that we use in our company, the quality of the service remains the same and our customers are satisfied with the service as a rule.

It is much easier to deal with a problem together. We are full of enthusiasm and courage to face all challenges of circumstances. Our spirit is strong! Fighting will only make us stronger.

At Spaceship Moving we will continue to actively use all the most effective measures to keep safety at a high level.

The safety precautions that our staff apply
First and foremost, we actively use the classic social distance method and encourage employees who can work remotely to work from home.

The vehicles in our fleet are disinfected after each journey. All packaging material used for packaging is recycled immediately after transportation.

Our staff members have a daily medical check-up and in the case of any symptoms they are immediately sent home to be examined by a professional.

The movers are instructed on the precautions against COVID-19, every morning.

When visiting a client's home, our movers will be fully equipped with protective equipment, including masks, gloves, etc.

To increase safety, we also provide our customers with masks if necessary.
We can carry out furniture moving without the customer being physically present, by communicating via video call.

At Spaceship Moving we actively use modern technology. Our customers have the option of ordering services online including furniture transportation without personal presence and pay for it by bank transfer, also a large list of additional services.